The plating of food has been approached as art in western cuisine ever since the nouvelle cuisine movement in France, with vividly colored sauces being brushed, spooned, and drizzled like paints by the chef turned artist. However, food is very temporal in nature, only lasting from the moment the final garnish is placed to its last hurrah into a diner's hungry mouth. On the other hand, ceramic material is one of the most lasting and permanent mediums an artist could work with. In my most recent works, I explore the relationship between the ceramic medium and the edible medium of food, while at the same time, solidify the concept of food as art. Using store-bought porcelain plates that could be found at any restaurant, I "plate" with raw clays, slips, and glazes, creating finished wall pieces inspired by the work of well-known chefs. As its orientation is changed from table top to wall, the plate becomes a literal canvas, and the eye is immediately drawn to the ceramic materials "painted" on. The result is a marriage of food and ceramics, placed in a space that is undoubtedly painterly and artistic.