Modeled after the rare and elusive black Périgord truffle, this covered tureen is a modern descendent of 18th century Chelsea porcelain tureens that realistically portrayed the popular fruits and vegetables of the time. By immortalizing the ultimate luxury food item in clay--truffles can be, pound for pound, more expensive than pure gold--I wanted this tureen to reflect on the decadence and opulence of the grand dinners in which prized tureens would often make an appearance. Smaller in size than traditional tureens, yet larger than an actual truffle, these individual-sized tureens are ready to take part in an extravagant tasting menu. 

To imitate the surface texture of black truffles, I've developed a crawled glaze that takes on very different characteristics depending on the thickness of application.  After numerous tests and adjustments, I was able to gain control over the size and density of the crackles that appear in the fired surface. All the pieces on this page are glazed with the same glaze.